Make Extra Money Online By Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant offers multiple benefits like having the freedom to work when and for who want. It allows you to work around your current schedule and to keep your self buy while providing extra cash each month.

The term virtual assistant may be new for you so let me explain what a virtual assistant is.

A virtual assistant is someone who is employed by a person or company to do specific tasks for a specific time frame or one-time job requirement. Virtual Assistants usually join job sites like upwork or fivver and post their skills allowing people and companies to hire them based on experience. You can also apply for work in a bidding type of fashion.

The more experience you build the easier it is to become hired. People are often put off becoming a Virtual Assistant as many others have already built established profiles but don’t let this put you off. Everyone started somewhere and with a well-written proposal you win work from more established VA’s.

Where should you begin

Firstly you should write down what skills you can offer and that you are good at. For example, you might be a great content writer, translator, skills Photoshop artist, data entry or researcher.

Take a look around VA’s hire sites such as Upwork, fivver, SEO Clerks, People by the hour and see what other people are doing in the VA space. Join each of these sites and get a feel for how the site operates and how many people are offering services and looking for services.

While searching take note of the profiles of VA’s that are doing well, This may be shown with a rating provided by the job website or it may show how much they have earned. They must be doing something right so its important to try and see what they are doing for future reference.

By this time you should have a list of what your good at and the profiles of those people who are doing well in these areas.

How To Stand Out

The VA space is crowed by that doesn’t mean you can get work. The idea is to stand out from the crowd. This start by making your profile on these sites is completed 100% with relevant informative content. Potential employers will be looking at your profile to see if it’s a good fit. Most will glance over what you have written so providing content that to the point and well written will ensure you get off to a great start.

Let’s look at a few examples

I have type in “PHP Developer” and scroll a few pages in for the search results. Below is what I would deem a bad profile so what’s wrong?

Well, firstly the person profile picture is dark and doesn’t stand out so it’s easily lost in the crowd.

The description is a bit lack luster, providing no quick information of any relevance. You only have a small number of characters to make a first impression.

This person also listed a number of skills but no real focus on a particular one.

Let’s look at a better profile

What I like here is that the person has focused there skill set on 1 area, Web and mobile development. The profile picture is still a little dark but the photo of the person is at least centred.

The description is much better, it’s clear and precise and matches what they have said about their skill set.

Here is an example of a great upwork profile

I notice this person has a better profile picture that less dark, they also are clear in the skills they offer and the description provide relevant information for potential employers.

As you can see your profile listing is important so ensure you taker tour time and think about how potential employers will view you.

Here are some points to remember

  • Profile image must stand out, avoid dark colours.
  • Don’t stuff your skills in the hope of landing more jobs. Those who focus their skills tend to get more work.
  • Keep your description short and to the point.

How to Communicate

I have personally hire people from Upwork and if there one thing I notice is that a lot of potential employees reply to my jobs with pre-formatted responses. To me, this doesn’t show a clear understanding of the work I require and also shows laziness.

I like to see people who have read my job description, understand what I want and send me a custom proposal.

Going forward I would highly advise that any work you apply for, you take the time to craft a well-rounded proposal that’s specific to the work required. Show that your not a robot and sending the same reply to people and you will win a lot more work.

What to charge

When you start browsing other people profile you will quickly see people charging small amounts of money for what seems like a lot of work. Don’t get disheartened or try to match these prices.

You have to remember a lot of the people on these sites are in poorer countries where the average hourly wage is a lot lower than in your country. While these people have the edge of being cheaper, it doesn’t mean they are better.

you should charge a fair price for the market your in and what you are happy with. When starting out you might find it beneficial to have a lower price in order to attract employers and gain some history, however, once this is achieved its only right you get paid a fair price for your services.

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight and tips into becoming a Virtual Assistant and make some extra month on the side. Remember any extra money may be taxable so ensure you keep a record of your earnings and outgoings.